A downloadable Parade for Windows

The parade needs your help to keep the rain clouds away and save the day. Use the newly developed cloud dragger in order to protect the parade from the rain.

You'll most likely not make it on your first attempt. But after each try you can buy upgrades for your parade and try again.

Left mouse button - Drag and drop the rain clouds away from the parade,
Right mouse button - Toggle your focus on the parade.

This game was made in 3 days by Kersher and Nico Lovell  for the 131th  mini jam with the theme "Solar" hosted by  ZahranW and KingW.


sunshine_by_force_ver1.3.zip (latest) 83 MB
sunshine_by_force_ver1.0.zip 72 MB

Install instructions

Open the file with a program such as winrar or 7zip and extract the contents. Run the .exe  to play the game.

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