A downloadable game for Windows

You awake in a dark forest all by yourself. The only exit behind you is locked. You have to find your way through the forest and collect various items in order to progress, but you are not alone.

The early access version of the game features two areas: the forest and the swamp. Two more areas, as well as more puzzles and items will be added in the finished game.

Created and developed by Nico Lovell.

Current features:

  • 2 areas: the forest and the swamp.
  • Items and keys to collect to get to the end.
  • A short mini puzzle.
  • A few creatures inhabiting the forest.

Upcoming features:

  • 2 more areas to explore and solve puzzles in.
  • 5 possible endings to the story.
  • Various collectable items, all serving a different purpose.
  • Interesting encounters with different creatures in the forest.


Rotten Blood (Early Access v1.0) 93 MB

Install instructions

Open the file with a program such as winrar or 7zip and extract the contents. Run "Rotten Blood.exe" to play the game.

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